Creativity pure and simple

'The object isn't to make art, it's to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable'  ......Robert Henri


Whether you want to re-ignite your creativity, re-awaken your creative flow or even get in touch with it for the first time, our retreats will enliven and astound you.


A powerful experience yet one where you will have fun and learn to take life less seriously.


Where you recapture your natural lightness of being and learn to shine creatively in your life.


Rediscover your true creative self and learn how to hang on to this precious gift


Creativity is about manifesting our dreams and passions into words and images, making our world brighter and sharper. We paint the stories of our lives and colour the lives of others.







Time and Space to be Creative

Creative Discovery Weekend; Word and image

Photography and Awareness part 1 (UK)

 Photography and Awareness part 2 (Assisi)

Be kind to Yourself

Mindfulness; Painting your life

Living Words

Wellness: Mindfulness. Painting your Life



Our Wellness and Mindfulness Retreats build on our natural urge to be well and develops this to a powerful motivational energy for living, and would be of interest to those considering a career in Recovery Coaching

To find our more about Anthony's Recovery and Wellness coaching click here


The Creative Mind: The power of consciousness

A retreat for those who wish to reboot or re-awaken their innate creativity. Suitable for those who aspire to be a creativity coach and equally valuable for folks who want to give their hidden creativity a boost. Workshops followed by SKYPE sessions if so desired.


Re-awakening Creativity

A workshop which takes you back to your innate creative self. BIG painting, Poetry and totally making and doing, for the awaiting artist which resides in everyone. These Workshops are from three to four days in total.



Individual weekend sessions which are both profound and insightful. Here you take a journey into self and re-connect with your inner child, where the journey starts all over again.. Held in Italy on request


Creativity with parents and children


These are such fun and a wonderful way for adults to join, understand and become chidren themselves for a while. These are one day Nomadic workshops


What we do

All our workshop/retreats are practical in nature and involve word and image and often dance and music too. Doing, making and producing endless quantities of work and, above all, loosening the tyranny of the rational mind. BIG painting, Haiku Poetry, Fun Mind Games, wellbeing classes, Yoga Longevity, Italian Cooking lessons and of course a few trips to Assisi; always working together having serious fun.


But that's just the practical side. Our objective always is to take you back to your original creative self; to immerse you once more in the magic pool of your precious creativity which has been waiting for your attention for so long. Our programme works wonders and you'll love it! And what's more we give you a tool kit to take away with you so you never lose this gift again


 Workshops are held in Italy in Siena and Assisi (and throughout Europe on request; yes we travel to you, like Nomads)


If you are an organiser and would like to help us bring one of our workshops to your town or country, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details of how we organise these ventures.


For any further details please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at Starstone




Duncan Campbell writes:

I came to Michael’s Creative Mind workshop to help find the creativity that I know is inside me but is so often elusive thanks to the conditioning of today’s world. My hopes were high, but nothing in my expectation prepared me for the journey of discovery he launched me on.



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