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'I highly recommend Michael’s courses, I have a lot of respect for his understanding of what people need in this ambiguous, confusing and complex world.'

Peter Moolan-Feroze  

External Consultant to Executive Programmes at London Business School


 Our mountain workshops are for those who want to live a more creative life

Our workshops dive into the deep pool of your creativity: doing by doing, plunging you into a powerful source of energy, where you'll wonder, at the end of the workshop, why it has taken you so long to get there.

An opportunity to take time away from the constraints of modern life and to breath the mountain air beneath the majestic Monte Vettore. To delight in the peaceful beauty of Cittadella amongst like minded people


September 8 to 13 Reunion, for those who have been to previous workshops and can't wait to do another

with Michael Eldridge



September 13 to18

With Michael Eldridge


Courageous steps in finding the creative adventurer you've always wanted to be.


A workshop which is ideal for those who want to rediscover a treasure though lost, who want to play once again in childhood innocence and abandon any fears that might harbour of expressing themselves in painting and poetry. Our workshops are non judgemental and seek only to foster playfulness, trust and simple enjoyment in the most beautiful environment of Cittadella and amongst friendly and like minded people


Summertime in the Sibillini mountains is an exquisite time of year. Avoiding the  heat of July and August below Monte Vettore and her sister peaks, our workshops are coloured by patches of rich reds and yellows higher up towards the peaks. as if in celebration the very richness of nature and her bountiful gifts, in a background of the crystal clear blue sky above. The mountain eagles and falcons are scouring the fields below, forever searching for food for their offspring. Butterflies and honey bees abound in the unpolluted air, and we are all entranced by this symphony of life which thrives at this altitude. 


A tantalising weekend workshop which focuses on the wonder of nature and her affinity with art and creativity.




 morning Tai Chi instruction


Our days. We arise early of a morning before breakfast to stroll down to the pool for Tai Chi or Ci Kung.

Here, it is as if we are floating in the sky, or at least the swallows and house martins might think we are as they swoop down and around us and falcons glide blissfully high up above.




The beautiful lake Fiastra, high up in the mountain range



Staying at Cittadella, you can't help but become absorbed in Nature, and there are places close by amongst these mountains which are somehow sacred by the waterfalls, the gushing streams and rivers, the ancient pathways. And our walks and adventures hereabouts allow us to shed ourselves for a while of the strains and stresses of our lives and to allow our creativity to flourish. We paint, we write poetry, we photograph, and we share our experiences with one another, forming new and lasting bonds in our lives.


So who do my workshops attract?  I would say, folks who have some experience, an affinity or just simply a growing desire for creative expression; any type at all photography, music, writing, sketching, painting, handicrafts, gardening,


They would have a love of sharing too and would probably be less rational and more poetic by nature.




Above, La Gola d'infernaccio (the throat of hell) The gateway to Le Marche via the ancient path from Rome

Our intentions are that you come away refreshed, clear and enthused about the next steps in your own personal artist’s journey…And it's a journey of re-discovery and learning how to keep awake in this restless world, awake to the wonder of nature and the necessity of keeping our creative selves alive



 The pool at Cittadella


And our objective always is to take you back to your original creative self; to immerse you once more in the magic pool of your precious creativity which has been waiting for your attention for so long. Our programme works wonders and you'll love it! And what's more we give you a tool kit to take away with you so you never lose this gift again

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And if all the above gives you a tingle in your tummy, well, that's a positive sign. And if you need to chat about a workshop, just call Michael on whatsapp +39 328 3535358. Or mail him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

And you  can find him on Facebook, Linkedin too


                Tutti i workshop sono presentati in italiano e inglese                                                              









Duncan Campbell writes:

I came to Michael’s Creative Mind workshop to help find the creativity that I know is inside me but is so often elusive thanks to the conditioning of today’s world. My hopes were high, but nothing in my expectation prepared me for the journey of discovery he launched me on.



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