Creativity pure and simple


The objective isn't just to make art, but to be in that state of mind where creativity becomes inevitable.





The Tango of Creativity at Cittadella


 Autumn Dates 2018 and 2019


 Fire, Earth, Water


Painting/ceramics, May 2019, dates to be decided


With Michael Eldridge and Paolo Nannini


First part of a series of workshops linking painting with ceramics.


It is here that a fascinating bridge is built between intuition and discipline.


A must for those lovers of beauty, colour and form


  Breathing Art


Painting/ Breathing Sicily, Spring 2019, dates to be decided


With Gianni Girotto and Michael Eldridge


Held at the magnificent Masseria Bannata  in the middle of Sicily, this unusual workshop

 addresses the liberating aspect of right breathing in our lives which gives us an energetic freedom and a powerful desire to create beyond ourselves


 Wild Photography


May 30 to June 4 2019


With Natasha Lythgoe and Michael Eldridge


Continuing our mind challenging series of photographic workshops in the magical mountains of the Sibillini National Park in Central Italy.


Not just about photography, but rather, what it is to be a photographer


 Tango of Creativity


With Michelle Rumney and Michael Eldridge


June 13 to 17 , 2019


 Whether you want to ignite or re-awaken your creative flow, our retreats will help you discover your true creative self. A powerful experience, yet one where you will have fun and learn to play with word, colour and image.


 Burn Out


With Michael Eldridge and Anthony Eldridge Rogers


September  2019, final dates to be confirmed


Our aim is to establish a long term relationship with our clients where we will discover that living creatively is the goal we must reach together, both in the business and the personal sphere.


An escape into the mountains of The Goddess and a recovery from Burn Out,


 Creativity is about manifesting our dreams and passions into words and images, making our world brighter and sharper.


 Whether you want to ignite or re-awaken your creative flow, our retreats will help you discover your true creative self. A powerful experience, yet one where you will have fun and learn to play with word, colour and image.


A short break away from the everyday in the beautiful Italian region of Marche – developing your own creativity through painting, sketching, poetry and exploring in the local landscape. This is a course for artists and non-artists alike – anyone who is curious about their own creativity and what that might unfold.


Your Chance To:


Unwind & recharge in Italy, the Cultural Heart of Europe

  • Dissolve creative blocks
  • Engage all your visual artistic skills with our hands-on artist workshops
  • Go on a series of mini-Adventures
  • Have the time & space to Explore, Inspire, Create…
  • Refuel your inner artist at our base in Cittadella – with the gorgeous Sibillini Mountains as a backdrop… and gain the confidence of openly expressing yourselves


You don’t need to be able to draw or paint or sing or make music or write stories, or whatever you think of when you think of the word ‘ARTIST’ – artist is a state of mind, and that’s what this is all about – your creativity will come out in whatever ways you allow it.


And time to Get Into Your Creative Flow



Each day begins with movement, getting us in flow, connecting with ourselves. Then time spent exploring aspects of creativity, process, approach and mindset. We’ll be engaging you with the challenges and joys of simply paying attention, increasing your awareness and tuning in – unwinding.


Our challenges over the course of these precious few days use walking, photography, drawing, painting, poetry to help immerse everyone in the simple pleasures of creating beyond ourselves 


Once you get started, these creative adventures tend to take on a momentum of their own, carrying you along with them. Michael’s intentions are that you come away refreshed, clear and enthused about the next steps in your own personal artist’s journey…And it's a journey of re-awakening and learning how to keep awake in this restless world, awake to the wonder of nature and the necessity of keeping our creative selves alive



All our workshops/retreats are practical in nature and involve word and image and often dance and music too. Doing, making and producing endless quantities of work, and, above all, loosening the tyranny our rational minds for a while by painting, haiku, fun mind games and wellbeing exercises


Our objective always is to take you back to your original creative self; to immerse you once more in the magic pool of your precious creativity which has been waiting for your attention for so long. Our programme works wonders and you'll love it! And what's more we give you a tool kit to take away with you so you never lose this gift again


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Duncan Campbell writes:

I came to Michael’s Creative Mind workshop to help find the creativity that I know is inside me but is so often elusive thanks to the conditioning of today’s world. My hopes were high, but nothing in my expectation prepared me for the journey of discovery he launched me on.



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