Creativity pure and simple


              CREATIVES!! JOIN US!


We thrive in community! Come to Italy to talk, share, workshop ideas, paint, laugh and most importantly PLAY. 


What the world needs now is more artists, storytellers, makers and WE need each other.

This is an OPEN INVITATION to come together from May the 25th to the 28th.
In beautiful ITALIA.

If you feel the call, book your place NOW and we will all be there to await your arrival.

 A for free event, with B&B accomodation only E35 per night


Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tel (Whatsapp) +39 3283535358


Check our programme dates up top for other summer events where Michael offers you the opportunity to delve into the powerful world of your innate creativity


On these, we take an exciting and unforgettable voyage through from our pasts, to our imagined futures and learn to dwell as long as we can in the magic of the moment of now where of course our creativity resides.


Michael  guides you through a magical maze of action where we get stuck in cul-de-sacs and collide with metaphorical brick walls........ and laugh our ways past them all.


And leaves you introduced at last to your true creative self.


Where it all begins.......



Duncan Campbell writes:

I came to Michael’s Creative Mind workshop to help find the creativity that I know is inside me but is so often elusive thanks to the conditioning of today’s world. My hopes were high, but nothing in my expectation prepared me for the journey of discovery he launched me on.



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