Individual sessions

 One2ones with Michael Eldridge




These three day sessions are for individuals who prefer more singular attention rather than being in a large group. Michael Eldridge is a painter and photographer who has taught for many years as a senior lecturer at what is now the Arts University of Bournemouth and until recently professor of painting at Siena Art Institute in Italy. He is also a CTI trained creativity coach. You can expect dynamic and demanding days where you will shift back into your precious creative self and be reminded of the simple secrets of making and doing, and work once more with the innocence of a child. The way you work is yours alone, the style you have is yours, but Michael, in his masterful way, will shift you ever more deeply into realms within yourself which remain untapped.


Cost E285 for three days plus accommodation


  Painting by Michael Eldridge in the series 'Homage to La Sibilla' 2013

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