The Tango of Creativity

With Michael Eldridge and Michelle Rumney

June 14 to 17, 2019

Painting, Poetry and Photography in The Mountains of La Sibilla




Time & Space to be Creative and to reawaken your inner artist



'Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean'




John Muir




Creativity thrives in all sorts of ways but one of the greatest gifts

you can give yourself is simply the time and space to allow

your creativity out to play and explore, your life and this

beautiful planet you live in

What better place to do it than Cittadella, amidst wondrous countryside,

great food and like-minded people, with centuries of inspiring mountains

and culture all around you? Actually, the point is you can make

time and space to be creative wherever you are, and this weekend

retreat helps you reconnect, recharge and refocus your energies,

so that you can get right into the heart and soul of what really

                                                       makes you tick.
Michelle and Michael bring their painterly, poetic and photographic sensibilities to this inspiring weekend and set you off on a series of mini-adventures, some looking inwards and others looking outwards to this beautiful countryside and the wonder of Cittadella itself. Engaging you with the challenges and joys of simply paying attention, increasing your awareness and tuning in, they use photography, poetry, painting; that golden triangle of creativity where one informs the other, walking and Tango too! Yes we dance in the evenings to relax and laugh a lot too, to help immerse everyone in the simple pleasures of being together and creating beyond ourselves






Once you get started, these creative adventures tend to take on a momentum of their own, carrying you along with them. and Michelle and Michael’s intentions are that you come away refreshed, clear and enthused about the next steps in your own creative journey…

A typical day starts early with an 8,30 breakfast after which we do Ci Kung or Tai Chi around the pool followed by some mind/ body preparations for the day ahead, which will be both studio based and as often in the surrounding countryside and Assisi itself.




Accommodation at Cittadella  for this four day workshop costs from E70 per day according to size of apartment, shared or single, inclusive of all meals inc wine


Cittdella is situated in the Sibillini Mountains some 15km from Comunanza. It is the perfect venue for workshops such as ours with its open spaces, pinewoods and mountain peaks, far away from the sounds and bustle of the modern world with sweeping views of the Umbrian countryside below.

Cittadella's Chef prepares delicious Italian dishes and mealtimes become an intrinsic part of the weekend; in other words in the true Italian way.

Apart from the creativity part it is also a relaxing and fun break, where you will meet some nice people. Talk, laugh, share

And then there's the gorgeous Italian food, the health benefits, the time to relax and play.



                       It really is a piece of heaven, which you cannot afford to miss out on. 


                               For further details and to contact us directly:


Michael Eldridge: email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  tel/whatsapp +39 3283535358 (Italy)



                                   tel/whatsapp +44 7801 758771 (UK)



To book a place on this workshop, a tuition deposit of E50 is required; details about how to pay from Michael, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go to bookings page

The full tuition fee for the weekend is E210


 Ryanair flights from London Stansted to Ancona are reasonable at this time, and you might want stay at Cittadella for an extra day either side of Workshop dates. Flights also to Pescara, train from there to Pedaso


Workshop times; We start 5pm Thurs evening, finish 6pm Sunday allowing  departure Monday morning after a relaxing breakfast together, even perhaps an early swim.


               This workshop is limited to twelve people, so early booking is advised.


                          There is a E15 materials fee payable when there


                And the requirements? A love of light and colour, of space and sharing.


                              Read what the Guardian says about Cittadella




































My Weekend with Michael I drove to Brighton with two thoughts in my head. One, that the 5-day creative retreat in Assisi with Michael and Michelle had revealed to me talents that I hadn’t realised I possessed and, two, it couldn’t happen twice. Or could it? Would the weekend deliver? Would I find a creative photographer within? Could I create ‘beyond myself’? Well, the answer is yes to all of those questions and the reason for that is trust. Trust in Michael, trust in the process but, most important of all trust in oneself. I loved the weekend, Brighton, all of the others on the course, the new way of seeing and responding, Thank you Michael for opening my eyes on a wonderful world.'

Ruth Dunsby

31 August 2016




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