Living Words



A seminar in Creative Writing with Jeff Shapiro May 2016


Seminar description:

To make written words come alive and breathe, the writer must first notice life—its rhythms, inflections, tensions, rewards.  The body’s senses (all five, six, seven, eight of them) are the key to perceiving.  Once awakened to fuller awareness, the writer is free to create, savor, explore.  

Born in Boston, Jeff Shapiro, a resident of Italy since 1991, has contributed to the British edition of Cosmopolitan, the U.S.-based magazine International, and to the Italian journal Verso.  
His first novel, Renato’s Luck (HarperCollins, New York, 2000) has been translated into German, French, and Dutch, with movie rights optioned to Miramax Films.  Secrets of Sant’Angelo, his second novel, was released by Berkley Publishing Group (Penguin USA) in January, 2005.   Jeff teaches Creative Writing at Siena School for Liberal Arts and at the Siena Art Institute.  He is currently at work on his third novel.



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