Time & Space to be Creative


 23 to 26 September


Michelle's painting 'Transforming Light'


Michael's painting 'Homage to La Sibilla'


With Michael and Michelle Rumney (above) where you paint BIG and become yourselves Big again by doing so (these things go together you see)

Painting BIG

Big brushes, big colour and big canvas


Michelle says...

' I see so many people try to paint without letting themselves really get into the physicality of the materials - the session includes painting with your non-dominant hand and painting on BIG surfaces with long handled brushes to help get over the tidiness and get into the fun of it'.

 Michael says..

I've done lots of this kind of work with folks, it's very powerful and once you've painted out the dark cobwebs in your brain, you really begin to realise how cramped your life has become, you come to realise that you can begin to paint your every day, paint your life. It's when your creativity becomes one with you and you with it.

And this is Michelle's site:    http://michellerumney.com/2013/09/painting-big-starstone-retreats/
































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