The Tango of Creativity

with Michael Eldridge and Michelle Rumney

May 18 to 22,  2017


The Tango of Creativity; Time & Space to be Creative and refuelling your inner artist

Creativity thrives in all sorts of ways but one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is simply the time and space to allow your creativity out to explore.

What better place to do it than Assisi, amidst beautiful countryside, great food and like-minded people, with centuries of inspiring art and culture all around you? Actually, the point is you can make time and space to be creative wherever you are, and this weekend retreat helps you reconnect, recharge and refocus your energies, so that you can get right into the heart and soul of what really makes you tick.
Michelle and Michael bring their painterly sensibilities to this inspiring weekend and set you off on a series of mini-adventures, some looking inwards and others looking outwards. Engaging you with the challenges and joys of simply paying attention, increasing your awareness and tuning in, they use walking, photography, drawing, painting, collage (and anything else that seems appropriate at the time) to help immerse everyone in the simple pleasures of making visual art.

Once you get started, these creative adventures tend to take on a momentum of their own, carrying you along with them. and Michelle and Michael’s intentions are that you come away refreshed, clear and enthused about the next steps in your own artist’s journey…




Above, Michelle's painting 'Transforming Light'. Her website


Above, Michael's painting 'Homage to La Sibilla', His website


                     This four day workshop costs from E80 per day all inc accom


                  Tuition fee £185. Early bird tuition discount at £150 if booked before March 14


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