Be kind to Yourself


June 26-29 2014  I Cigni Farmhouse, Montefiore, Italy

ART TO SOOTHE & NOURISH THE SOUL, bringing back a sense of true self, helping you to be in love with you.


with Eleanor Darley


Have you ignored something about yourself too long? What about the dreams that come to you at night? Or inspirations you never do anything about, or that innate nagging feeling... or have you just been ignoring a pain in your body? Are you stuck in thoughts such as “I should be more like this” or “I should be able to do that”or do you constantly think something needs changing about you?


Well, these four days in the warm Italian countryside will be a place to breathe and let go. This is TIME OUT FOR YOU. We will create a safe nurturing space full of art, vision and gentle transformations - a space to really listen to the secrets of the soul, the wisdom of our true being, and what nature can tell you. This is a creative journey to encounter the art of communicating with ourselves - so come prepared to feel informed, and to discover a good feeling about who you are.


This workshop is open to everyone, especially those who can be hard on themselves, or find that they meet circumstances that are hard on them! Previous art experience is not necessary. 


We will work gently and deeply as a group and individually. I will bring techniques from traditional Celtic and Mexican healing as well as anthroposophical teachings into our art exercises and creative space. You will feel alive and full of fire. And as we will have just celebrated midsummer - we may even have a special fire ceremony!


Come with openness, hope, and loving energy and I promise you will come away with your own riches, and an art practise that you can also take home with you.


Cost €385/£322 (early bird before 31 March €347/£290)

Includes accomodation & food. Arrive Thursday 26th June, the workshop will begin at 5pm & finish Sunday 29th June in the afternoon.

Flights from UK fly from Stanstead to Ancona, Pescara or Perugia.


For information on extra nights stay, travel & booking click here

or you can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



Eleanor Darley is a transpersonal arts counsellor and practioner of curanderismo (healing) in the Mexica (Mexican) tradition. She has trained for ten years with a traditional curandera from Mexico and for four years in anthroposophical art therapy at the Tobias school of art and therapy. Her work as an artist explores how art heals, and how the creative process can bring greater physical well-being, self-awareness, inner peace and a sense of spiritual connection. She is currently working with young people in need of special care at the Camphill School in Aberdeen.


Michael writes..

I first met Eleanor at a super powered conference in London over a year ago. It was about art networking and so utterly pretentious and lacking in feeling or any empathy with the needs of humanity (ironically there was an anti capitalism protest camp in the Square outside) and this sent us into near hysterics and I was touched by her warmth and humour before I even knew what she did in life. Over the last two years she has worked with art and therapy across different projects mainly based in Mexico, and I admire her courage and commitment, working as she does with few amenities and not a little personal hardship. A workshop not to miss. 



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