Wellness: Mindfulness. Painting your Life

with Anthony Rogers and Michael Eldridge
October 2016 dates to be announced
Well-being, Mindfulness and Creativity have never been more important as a part of modern living.
As we deepen our understanding of the human mind and body so we are increasing the number of factors that influence our health, our well-being and our need to live more creatively
How do we navigate our way through the avalanche of promotions, new foods and lifestyle challenges? It can become exhausting and confusing. And while we do this we can develop  challenges that either ambush us or grow slowly and unseen inside our lives.
Our Wellness and Painting your Life retreat, at the beautiful Casa Faustina in Assisi, builds on our natural urges to be well and develops them to a powerful motivational energy for creative living, whatever our own particular state of being.
We know that wellness arises first of all in our minds and consciousness. At Starstone, we take the urge to be well and live more creatively and place it at the centre of your consciousnesses.
Building on our unique approach to the process of wellness and creative consciousness we will spend time connecting you to the most important aspect of power for your life....you.
Benefits & Outcomes
Increased feeling of self knowledge and own personal power
A deepening of authenticity
Increase in personal creativity and understanding how to use creativity consciously across the whole of your life
Understanding of how you shape your own road to wellness and creativity
The ability to understand and manage your motivation
Self Coaching tools you can use at home all the time to continue to live the life you want
The inclusion of all of you into the process of living creatively.
Becoming your own expert
Being able to build your own circle of power and support

To live creatively is to love life and to live joyfully instead of leading a life of stress and dullness.

And this is what we mean by colouring and painting your life.

So, we welcome you warmly to a delightful stay at La Casa Faustina, a venue which just oozes with beauty, charm and kind and generous Italian hospitality.



An apartment at Casa Faustina, immersed in the frangrance of Rosemary and thyme



          The workshop studio


You will experience an unforgetable time in these mountains of St. Francis above the celestial city of Assisi, and in one of the most incredibly beautiful areas of Italy.


 Who should attend?


Anyone who is thinking about starting a creative journey, who wishes to increase their wellness and well-being


 After all, creativity and wellness cannot be divorced from life itself. To be creative is to be fully human, fully alive

Mindfulness, creativity and wellbeing are complementary concepts but these are mere words; empty shells which need filling and amplifying by immersion, involvement and doing rather than clever rational analysis.
 So, your time at La Casa Faustina casts aside the so called world of reality and enters that parallel world of creativity by simply being and doing.

Your stay is (loosely) organised to include painting, poetry, yoga longevity, Tai Chi delicious vegetarian food by Sara, the magical Chef and of course visits to the celestial City of Assisi just 7k away



This is a workshop for those who wish to unfetter the restraints of the rational mind, to play and express their love of life in word and image; with colour and form: To eat well too with Italian cuisine as La Casa Faustina is not only vegetarian but caters happily for those who are not.



And you know those hills above Assisi, the mountains of Saint Francis, are ancient in origin. They vibrate with energy and are a fitting venue for this exhilarating retreat.You will re-connect with your unique creative self which has been patiently awaiting its re-awakening.


La Casa Faustina has a large workshop area independent from the main villa, mature gardens, an organic vegetable orto and a swimming pool with countless private nooks around the property to explore.



Please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for any questions you might have regarding this fabulous retreat



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