Duncan Campbell writes:

I came to Michael’s Creative Mind workshop to help find the creativity that I know is inside me but is so often elusive thanks to the conditioning of today’s world. My hopes were high, but nothing in my expectation prepared me for the journey of discovery he launched me on.

Not only was I able to tap into a vast creative realm that I hadn’t come across before, I also found the tranquility necessary to enable it, and along the way met my laughing child that held and guided my hand.

And then during the seminal activity of the workshop (at least it was for me), for the first time I truly understood the essential tenet of Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way: “As I listen to the creator within, I am led”, starting off with a promising but somewhat vague optimism, and ending up at a place that was nothing short of a revelation, having somewhere along the way made a substantial personal shift without even noticing it.

During our 3 days together I completely lost track of time as we collectively fashioned the workshop’s own evolving path, and I walked away refreshed, renewed, and armed with a quiet self-belief.

If you have aspirations anywhere from simple personal growth to team-building and boosting the power of collaboration, search no more – Michael is your man.




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