Burn Out



             With Michael Eldridge and Anthony Eldridge Rogers September 1919



                                                (Re-wilding the self)





Creativity; that current buzz word which government and commerce are flirting with and which very few truly understand. We are told to think creatively when these very two words are often contradictory.

So exactly how can we best describe creativity?

It is not an act of thinking but rather a state of being.


 Risk taking, thinking outside the box, brain storming, all these are often effective in the short term (and add a bit of spice now and then), but familiar patterns promptly re-establish themselves.

These well meaning peripheral add-ons, however, are never enough, because without creative awareness in our lives, we are restricted to flat repetition both in our working and our private lives.


 It is fair to say that business (rational and logical) thinking sharpens the mind, allowing it to see issues clearly, to act promptly and to articulate and share thoughts up and down the chain of command; to perform at optimum efficiency.

But it is endlessly and ruthlessly exhausting. And the eventual state of being is Burn Out.


At Starstone we take creativity very seriously. It is about doing and making; poetry and painting, both individually and collectively, theatre games, exploring body language, walking, talking together in the beautiful hills of Assisi, creating energy spaces and discovering the values of communication and awareness.


Our aim is to establish a long term relationship with our clients where we will discover that living creatively is the goal we must reach together, both in the business and the personal sphere


We identify with what we create

It is a voyage to our higher selves


What will participants take away from the workshop?

An insight into creativity. Much has been written on this subject and we will discover together what it means to live creatively. It goes much deeper than so called awareness and can be better likened to the sort of 'absorption' one sees when children play and make things.

  1. How to develop/access the power of innate creativity. It is never enough to merely experience a workshop, as illuminating as this might be. We show you how this powerful tool can be drawn upon in the everyday situation. Not a difficult process at all, more like slipping into a warm bath on a cold day

  2. How to integrate creativity with the business thinking process. We see no distinction between personal private and business creative impulses. The one flows into the other when judgemental attitudes are put aside. And we are allowed to plumb the profound depths of our imagination without the constraints of limiting criteria.

  3. Tangible takeaway techniques to improve integration of creativity into their working and private llllives. These are tricks and games designed to fool rational control and thinking. And these can be drawn upon at will in any situation as we learn to become as absorped as children even in the most simple everday occurences.

  4. A desire to inhabit, continue and further their workshop experience in the form of an ongoing stsudio, both virtual and real time in their business environment. We envisage a creative relationship wwith participants which take the form of weekly SKYPE sessions and monthly realtime top up workshops. In short to avoid the trap of default habit, reoccuring mechanistic repetition and blurring of wakefulness.


And most importantly, You will have rested and freed yourself from the exhaustion of Burnout. And you will find that recovery, with our continuing support, is simply a breath away



                      Our venue? Cittadella in the Sibillini Mountains of Le Marche


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