How do we operate?

We each of us are born with a desire to create. Sadly, for most of us,usually during childhood, this gift is gradually eroded by social, rational and cultural conditioning, and we are left bereft of a crucial element in our lives. And deep inside we feel its absence.


The good news is that our creativity is indestructible and remains latent within us simply waiting to be rediscovered.


Our fabulous weekends in Italy dive to the very heart of this hidden treasure trove and reveal that which has always been part of you, your natural creative self.


And what do we mean by creativity?

We mean creative expression in all its possible forms. Our objective is to develop and nurture creative purpose and attitude in every aspect of folks' lives. And of course the only real and lasting transformation is when we finally choose to dive into the ocean of our creativity; where the inner world of our imagination makes itself manifest in the so called outer world of reality, in the form of our art, or in whichever way we may wish to express ourselves


 At Starstone, we make no distinction between any perceived or imagined levels of competence in any medium.


And what do you need to bring to our retreat? Just a desire to laugh, to play and create and to leave your serious self for a while in the parking lot.


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